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Why Weiss Group?

Weiss Group, LLC was founded in 1971 by Martin D. Weiss, PhD.

Under Dr. Weiss' leadership, Weiss Group has become well known as a leading advocate for investor safety and one of the most respected financial newsletter publishers in the country.

We have warned of every major economic and stock market downturn for more than four decades. In past financial crises, Weiss Group specifically named every major financial institution that subsequently failed.

We are famous for exposing the scams and swindles that Wall Street and Washington have used to separate investors from their money.

And we have a superlative track record in guiding investors to the truly safe investments with the greatest profit potential that investors can rely on through thick and thin.

That’s why The Wall Street Journal reported that our original Weiss Stock Ratings were #1 in the nation in helping investors identify the stocks with which they could make the most money.

It’s why an agency representing the SEC, NASD and the nation’s attorneys general selected our stock ratings the most — among all other independent stock ratings providers — to help clean up Wall Street.

It’s why the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) wrote that we beat our closest competitor by three to one in warning investors of future insurance company failures.

It’s why Barron’s said we were “the leaders in identifying vulnerable companies.”

Our reputation is built upon our independent financial analysis and recommendations that are 100% objective and free of conflicts of interest — investment guidance specifically designed to help investors preserve and grow their wealth in every environment.

With this goal foremost in mind, Weiss Group offers the active investor a broad range of electronic trading/advisory services designed to meet a wide variety of investor trading styles and strategies including mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, options and futures options trading. These publications include The Wealth Wave ezine, Markman's Pivotal Point ezine, Wealth Supercycle, The Power Elite and many other highly effective wealth-building publications and services.

While each of these offers unique strategies and services, they are all bound by a common mission: To educate individual and institutional investors, corporations and governments by providing unbiased information and advice to protect savings, build wealth and prosper in good times or bad.