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OF 2018

In this report:

  • Five reasons gold will skyrocket to $5,000 an ounce in the next 36 months
  • The easy way to triple your money and rake in potential gains of up to 383%, 550%, even 1,858% (without options or risky trading tactics).
  • Surprising reason you shouldn’t buy a single ounce of bullion

Fellow Investor,

Picture this:

It’s 9am on a crisp fall morning.

You pick up your phone, call your broker, and tell him to buy $5,000 of a single gold investment.

He tries to talk you out of such a “risky move.”

But you know something your broker — and 99 out of 100 other investors — don’t.

It’s not quite insider information. But it’s almost as good — and totally legal.

Thirty seconds later, you hang up the phone.

Seven days later, you check your brokerage account — and discover you’ve multiplied your money by more than six times.

That’s enough to...

...Turn $5,000 into $32,500 almost overnight!

This scenario may sound like every investor’s dream. But the profits are very real.

Last November, a single gold investment skyrocketed an astonishing 550% in just seven days.

Imagine what those kinds of profits could do for your portfolio.

Those kinds of numbers are astounding. But they’re not unique.

In fact, over the last few months, a handful of similar gold investments have racked up gains of 387% ... 775% ... even 1,560%.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg ...

Right now, we’re at the beginning of what I believe will be an historic bull market in gold.

In the next twelve months, I expect bullion to hit $1,834.

In 2019, prices will keep climbing — all the way up to $2,900.

By 2021, I’m confident gold will hit an astonishing $5,000 an ounce, or more!

At today’s prices, that’s enough to turn a $10,000 investment into at least $40,000.

But a handful of gold-based investments will leave those returns in the dust, earning you up to $68 for every $1 gain in gold.

I’ll tell you all about these fast-moving gold investments in just a moment.

First, I’d like to show why gold will skyrocket to $5,000 — and how you could rake in profits of 550% ... 1,151% ... even 4,719% along the way.

Why gold is virtually guaranteed to hit $5,000
in the next 36 months

Everything moves in cycles.

Seasons change. Civilizations rise and fall. The stock market goes through cycles of boom and bust.

And the same is true of gold.

In fact, this “gold cycle” began over 5,000 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia — the cradle of human civilization.

When this ancient cycle hits its peak, it triggers massive political, social, and economic upheaval ... and massive profits in gold.

Now, as surely as the tide comes in ... as surely as night follows day ... and as surely as the seasons change ... this 5,000-year-old cycle is about to strike again.

In fact, you can see the early warning signs everywhere you look:

Any of these five flash points could create a “perfect storm” of economic disasters. The kind of storm we haven’t seen since the 1930s. A storm that will drive gold to $5,000 an ounce — and even beyond.

But whatever you do ...
don’t buy a single ounce of bullion!

Gold bullion has been the ultimate safe haven for 5,000 years — and counting.

But the same factors that are about to drive gold to $5,000 an ounce make bullion the worst way to own gold ...

... Turning this “safe” investment into a lead weight that drags down your portfolio ... and forcing you to leave the lion’s share of your profits on the table!

Let me explain. During gold’s last bull run, a handful of gold-based investments beat bullion many times over. For instance ...

And here’s the really good news ...

You can generate these amazing returns without the risk, hassle or headache of options.

You don’t need to use some complex commodity trading strategy, either.

Today, I’m going to tell you all about these bullion-beating secrets — and how to use them to create returns of 550% ... 1,151% ... even 4,719%.

You’ll find out how to enjoy these amazing profits with less risk by using a simple checklist that pinpoints the safest and most profitable investments.

You’ll discover my hidden “Buy’ signals that let you spot these little-known investments early—and get in on the ground floor for maximum profits.

Plus, you’ll get my top three “Must buy” gold investments. Just one of them could turn $10,000 into $185,000 in just 36 months.

(Normally, these high-profit recommendations are restricted to a small group of “inside investors.” But today, you get them 100% free of charge)

You’ll get all of that — and more — by the end of this special briefing.

But first, I’d like to introduce myself ... and explain why you should listen to me in the first place.

Insider secrets of a $2-billion-day gold trader

Hi, my name is Sean Brodrick.

You may know me as the editor of Wealth Supercycle, a unique wealth advisory.

Or you may have seen me on CNBC, read my articles in Forbes or MarketWatch, or heard me on a number of financial radio programs.

So you may also know: I focus on real assets. Assets you can hold in your hands … like gold, silver, or lithium.

And for nearly two decades, I’ve travelled the world — from Argentina to Alaska and Mexico – to find underrated investment opportunities on the verge of skyrocketing growth.

I do this for one reason: To help investors like you grow and protect their wealth in investments that stand the test of time.

It’s also why I am senior editor of The Edelson Institute, where we carry on the cutting-edge cycles research pioneered by our founder, and gold expert, Larry Edelson.

Now, Larry had an uncanny ability to predict twists and turns in the gold market — often flying in the face of conventional wisdom.

His secret? The same 5,000-year-old gold cycle I told you about earlier — a cycle most Wall Street “experts” ignore.

This cycle made Larry one of the successful gold traders in the world, moving in today’s dollars more than $2 billion worth of bullion every day.

What’s more, this cycle has predicted every big move in gold for over 38 years. For example ...

It also predicted that an historic bull market was about to begin — sending bullion to $1,834 ... $2,900 ... and even $5,000 and beyond.

And right now, it’s pointing to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the coming gold boom.

But I have to warn you ...

For most investors, the path to $5,000 gold won’t be pretty.

You see, this ancient cycle doesn’t just create massive profits in gold. It also triggers massive political, social, and economic upheaval.

In fact, any one of the flash points I just mentioned could send the world economy on a five-year-long rollercoaster ride through hell ... and create a “perfect storm” that will send bullion to $5,000 and beyond.

So what are these flash points? Well, first there’s...

Flash Point #1

Europe’s house of cards

With a massive refugee crisis ... the rise of far-right political parties ... and the rumblings of war from Russia ... Europe is on the brink of disaster.

In fact, 19 out of 28 countries in the EU are nearly bankrupt—unable to pay off their staggering debts.

To keep from going under, governments of Europe are doing whatever it takes to get their greedy hands on every last penny of their citizens’ money.

For example ...

When governments resort to these kind of desperate cash-grabbing tactics, it’s a tell-tale sign the end is near.

And it will only take a single crisis to bring Europe to its knees.

It could be Italy’s failing banks ... Greece’s mountain of debt ... or a large-scale terrorist attack. Or some other disaster no one sees coming.

But no matter what triggers Europe’s final fall, the result will be the same:

Markets will tumble. Investors will panic. And gold prices will skyrocket.

Need proof? Just look at what happened after Brexit.

Bullion shot up 10% in just a few short weeks.

And the gold-based investments I’m going to tell you about today went up 26% ... 214% ... even 387%.

But that’s just a taste of what’s to come.

When the hammer falls ... and final nail is pounded into the European Union’s coffin ... gold prices will go through the roof.

And if act now, you can potentially see gains of 427% ... 1,248% ... 3,479% ... and more.

But Europe’s fall is just one factor that will set off the great gold rush of 2017. For example, there’s also...

Flash Point #2

The Land of the Setting Sun

For 30 years, Japan has struggled with deflation ... skyrocketing debt ... and stagnant growth. And soon, the sun will set on this one-time economic powerhouse.

You see, Japan has the highest government debt in the world: a whopping one quadrillion yen!

Yes, one quadrillion. That’s a one followed by 15 zeroes. Or to put it another way:

This is twice the size of any country in the Europe — even Greece.

And even Japan’s recent economic turnaround can’t hold back the flood.

You see, new threats from North Korea ... plus a major territorial dispute with China ... are forcing Japan to dramatically ramp up defense spending ...

... And take on even more debt!

On top of that, the EU is one of Japan’s largest trading partners — bringing in $60 billion per year (more than 6.7 trillion yen).

And when Europe’s house of cards collapses, that money will vanish overnight. The dead weight of the debt collapse will drag Japan’s once-thriving economy into a deep depression.

The result: stocks will plummet ... sending a tsunami of flight capital into the gold market ... and drive bullion prices through the roof.

A handful fast-acting investors are set to lock in profits of 427% ... 1,151% ... 3,479% ... or more.

And if you follow the plan I reveal later in this briefing, you could be part of this select group.

But first, I’d like to tell you about the next flash point: a growing economic and military threat most “experts” ignore.

Flash Point #3

China’s $5 trillion power play

As you may know, the South China Sea contains some of the busiest shipping routes on the planet.

Every day, hundreds of companies use these routes to transport everything from cars ... to clothing ... to electronics.

And those shipping routes are busy 24 hours a day ... 7 days a week ... 365 days a year.

In fact, the total value of South China Sea shipping is a mind-boggling $5 trillion per year.

But there’s just one problem...

For years, Beijing has claimed everything within the “Nine-Dash Line” is Chinese territory.

A territory that includes the $5-trillion-a-year shipping lanes I just told you about.

Shipping Routes in the South China Sea

Until recently, Beijing’s stance on the disputed waters was limited to territorial chest-thumping.

That all changed in 2016, when Beijing declared 39,000 square miles of the South China Sea off-limits to any foreign ships.

An international court ordered China to rescind the “no sail” order. But Chinese officials just laughed ...

And then sent military-style Coast Guard ships — complete with .50-caliber mounted machine guns — to intimidate foreign merchant vessels that dared to risk the disputed waters.

No guns have been fired — yet. But right now, Chinese soldiers are using fire hoses to run off commercial fishing boats ...

... And even ramming smaller vessels to drive them out of so-called “Chinese waters.”

On top of that, Beijing is building islands all over the South China Sea — and claiming them as Chinese territory.

And not just as a political ploy to let them stake a legal claim to the disputed waters.

At least three of these man-made islands serve as remote military bases — complete with barracks ... docks for military ships ... and runways for fighter jets!

Where will China’s $5 trillion power play lead?

Experts aren’t sure. But the unintended consequences could be devastating.

Let me explain ...

As you may know, the worldwide shipping industry is in crisis.

The largest shipping company in the world, A.P. Moller-Maersk, lost $1.9 billion in 2016 alone.

The next three biggest shipping firms are sinking fast, bleeding cash and drowning in a sea of debt.

Even a small increase in costs could push one of these struggling companies over the edge — and slam the brakes on world-wide economic growth.

And before you know it, the entire U.S. economy could grind to a halt, sending the markets into free-fall.

Once again, the logical option will be gold. And once again, bullion prices will skyrocket — possibly doubling very quickly.

And the gold-based investments I’m going to tell you about in a moment could do even better — allowing you to pocket gains of 427% ... 1,248% ... or 3,479%.

Europe’s house of cards ... Japan’s debt disaster ... and China’s $5 trillion power play aren’t the only reasons I expect gold to go through the roof.

In addition, we’re also facing something I call ...

Flash Point #4

The New Cold War

From Syria ... to Ukraine ... to alleged attempts to meddle in our elections, tensions between Russia and the United States have never been higher.

In fact, one analyst calls the current situation, “far more dangerous than the Cold War.” And for good reason.

Last year, Russian fighter jets buzzed a U.S. ship sailing in international waters — coming within 20 feet of the ship’s deck.

Soon after, a Russian jet “escorted” a Navy spy plane over the Black Sea, nearly causing a mid-air collision.

New Cold War
Could Send Gold Soaring

Next, Russian bombers flew near Alaskan airspace — so close the Air Force had no choice but to send a squad of F-22 stealth fighter jets to intercept the Russian formation.

More recently, Putin declared a “no fly zone” for U.S. aircrafts in Iraq and Syria — and ordered Russian fighters to shoot down any plane that crossed the Euphrates River.

This kind of aggression would have been unthinkable during the first Cold War. But these days, they’re not unusual. Or even uncommon.

In fact, Russia has committed over 60 acts of aggression against U.S. planes, ships, and troops in recent years.

And they’re so routine that one Russian official said they happen “almost every day of the week.”

But it’s only a matter of time until Putin’s boundary-testing triggers a political — and economic — disaster.

And with tensions so high, it won’t take much.

At best, the resulting disaster will spark a major international incident — cranking up tensions between the U.S. and Russia even more.

If that happens, worries about a real war will make investors flee to mankind’s oldest safe haven: gold.

But even if a shot is never fired in anger, it won’t matter.

Any combination of these flash points is virtually guaranteed to send bullion prices to $5,000 — and beyond.

If you simply bought bullion at today’s prices, you could have turn $10,000 into $40,000.

And if you get in on the ground floor of the profit-boosting gold gambits I’m about to tell you about, you could turn that $10,000 into $185,000 — or more.

I’m going to give you everything you need to prepare for — and profit from — these flash points in just a moment.

But there’s one more threat I need to tell you about. And it may be the most dangerous one of all.

Flash Point #5

“Stealth terrorism”

Not too long ago, the word “terrorism” conjured up images of world-shattering events like 9/11.

But today, ISIS and Al Qaeda have abandoned these large-scale attacks. Instead, they focus on recruiting lone-wolf sleeper agents.

As a result, today’s terrorist attacks are smaller in scale — but just as deadly.

Most of these attacks require no training or special equipment. So they’re almost impossible to predict or prepare for. That’s scary enough.

But sooner or later, a few fanatics will figure out how to use these stealth terrorism tactics to trigger an even bigger disaster.

It could be a school ... a parade ... or a shopping mall. Or — just as likely — it could be an economic target.

Picture this ...

It’s a sunny spring morning in New York City.

A runaway 18-wheeler packed with homemade fertilizer bombs barrels into the New York Stock Exchange.

Masked men jump out, firing weapons into the crowd ...

Throwing home-made pipe bombs into the trading pits ...

And finally triggering a tractor-trailer full of fertilizer bombs ...

Wiping out the financial heart of the United States in one fell swoop.

Sound far-fetched? It’s not.

Right now, the NSA ... Department of Homeland Security ... and FBI are hard at work trying to stop this sort of economic terrorism.

And for good reason. An attack like the one I just described would be just as devastating as 9/11.

But unlike the World Trade Center attacks — which required the ringleaders to go through months of pilot training — there’s no special expertise required.

All a jihadi needs is a laptop ... the ability to drive a stick shift ... a couple of friends ... and a few hundred dollars in the bank.

Today, the world stands on a razor’s edge. And the dangers I just told you about are just the tip of the iceberg.

The U-Factor

I call this growing wave of economic and political uncertainty “the U-Factor.” Throughout history, it’s pushed investors to the ultimate safe haven: gold.

And it’s about to happen again. But don’t take my word for it. Just look at the facts.

That’s the Global Economic Policy Uncertainty Index, a key measure of investor fear about the future.

And it’s also a highly-accurate way to predict big jumps in gold prices.

In 2001, the World Trade Center attacks shocked the world. The Economic Policy Uncertainty Index hit 188—an all-time record.

And gold began its meteoric rise from the rock-bottom price of $250 to more than $1,900 an ounce.

In 2008, the mortgage crisis cratered the U.S. economy. And the Uncertainty Index hit a new all-time high of 189.

Once again, gold prices went through the roof — going from $760 to $1,175 in just 36 months.

Recently, the Uncertainty Index hit 312. That’s the highest point in history.

And with Europe on the brink of collapse ...

... The looming threat of trade wars and real wars on the horizon ...

... The ongoing danger posed by ISIS ... North Korea ... and Iran ...

... I expect the Uncertainty Index to climb even higher.

When it does, markets will tumble. Investors will panic. And gold prices will go through the roof.

My #1 profit strategy for the coming gold rush

So what’s the best way to profit from the coming gold boom?

Well, you could put your money into gold ETFs. These low-risk investments let you enjoy all the advantages of owning gold — without the hassle.

And used correctly, they can beat bullion by a country mile.

In fact, during the last gold boom, the right gold ETFs could have made you ...

But why settle for just tripling your profits, when you can ...

Multiply your money
by five ... six ... even ten times over

That’s exactly what happened for investors who got into a handful of senior mining stocks during the last gold boom.

As you probably know, seniors are big, established miners with massive gold reserves.

And as you also may know, senior miners can offer far better returns than bullion alone.

For instance, during the last gold boom the average senior made $1.40 for every $1 gain in gold.

But the top-performing seniors left those returns in the dust. For example,...

... Outperforming bullion by a landslide!

Royal Gold alone would have been enough to turn every $10,000 you invested into $305,790.

But as impressive as these returns are, they’re still not the best deal in town.

In fact, they pale in comparison to the little-known investments I’m going to tell you about next.

How to make $68 for every $1 gain in gold
(no options required)

My favorite way to profit from rising gold prices isn’t ETFs, senior miners, or some complex trading strategy.

No, my #1 strategy for maximum profits is a select group of junior miners — small, scrappy companies that can turn on a dime.

In many cases, you can buy these up-and-coming miners for pennies on the dollar.

If they sell for anything near what they’re really worth, you could multiply your money by 10 ... 20 ... even 30 times over.

In fact, many of the top juniors have already seen big gains. Twenty-one have doubled in the last year. Ten have more than tripled.

In some cases, a few perfectly-positioned juniors have seen share prices skyrocket 550% ... 770%... and 1,560%.

But even these amazing profits will look like peanuts once bullion begins its rise to $5,000.

Just look at what happened during the last bull market in gold.

Then, in a 36-month period, bullion prices rose 117%.

But once again, the best junior miners blew them away.

And it doesn’t take huge gains in bullion for these fast-moving stocks to make big profits.

Between October 10, 2008 and February 4, 2011, gold surged 61%.

At the same time, shares of top-performing senior Newcrest Mining nearly tripled.

And yet again, junior miners beat them both. And not by a small margin, either.

In fact, the best-performing juniors ...

Beat bullion by an astounding 68-to-1!

And this time, the profits could be even better. Because as gold shoots up to $5,000 an ounce, a few juniors will leave those astounding returns in the dust.

In fact, it’s already begun.

Take Vista Gold Corp, for instance. If you bought this tiny mining firm last year, you could have tripled your money in just 26 days.

If you bought Golden Minerals, you could have enjoyed gains of 274% —enough to turn $10,000 in $37,400.

And if you got into Contago ORE at the right time, you could have made 387% in just 82 days. That’s enough to turn a $25,000 stake into a whopping $121,750!

But those astounding returns are just the tip of the iceberg. For instance, if you invested in one overlooked junior last year, you could have ...

Made 1,560% on your money ...
... when gold prices only went up 7%!

In a 45-day period last year, bullion crept up by 7%. Big miners like Newmont posted gains of 10%.

Most investors would be happy with those gains. Especially in a mere month and a half.

But if you were lucky enough to grab shares in Royal Standard Minerals, you could have made more — much more.

Incredibly, this junior miner posted gains of 1,560% in just 45 days.

That’s enough to turn $5,000 into $83,000 ... $10,000 into $166,000 ... and $25,000 into $415,000.

But even those amazing returns are small potatoes next to ...

The six-month “millionaire maker”
no one told you about

Between June and December of 2016, junior miner Santa Fe Gold shot up by an incredible 15,900%.

In other words, in just 180 days ...

Unfortunately, those gains are long gone, and we can’t go back in time to grab any of them. But don’t worry.

You see, there are plenty of other opportunities on the horizon. And plenty of other chances to make your fortune.

In fact, over the last 12 months the top junior mining shares posted an average gain of 1,096% in just 107 days.

That’s enough to turn $5,000 into $51,350 ... $10,000 into $102,700 ... and $25,000 into $256,700 in less than four months.

And remember, those returns are an average. During the coming gold boom, the best-of-the-best junior miners will do even better.

How much better?

Well, during the last bull market in gold, one junior — Hudbay Minerals — saw its share prices skyrocket by an amazing 192,000%.

Yes, you heard that correctly: 192,000%

At that rate, a tiny $1,000 investment turns into $1.9 million.

A $2,000 investment could have made you a multi-millionaire: You could have walked away with nearly $4 million.

And if you had invested just $10,000 in that one junior mining share, you could have walked away with nearly $20 million.

Usually, an opportunity like Hudbay comes along once in a lifetime.

But thanks to the conditions I told you about earlier, a handful of junior miners are positioned to make a few fast-acting investors a fortune.

If you act now, you can get in on the ground floor, long before most gold bugs even know these opportunities exist.

You may not get a chance to pocket 192,000% gains, like the investors in Hudbay Minerals.

Or even the 15,900% profits enjoyed by those who got into Santa Fe Gold earlier this year.

But it doesn’t matter. Even a tiny fraction of those gains will be enough to make you a fortune.

All you need to do is stake your claim and grab your share of the profits. And that’s exactly what I show you how to do in my ...

New FREE Report that reveals
the top three junior miners you must buy NOW

Whatever you do, don’t run and buy the stocks I just told you about. Those profits have come and gone.

And don’t buy the juniors Wall Street’s “experts” rave about, either. Or even the few funds that invest in these fast-moving stocks.

You see, there are over 4,000 junior mining stocks out there. But just five percent make 90% of the money.

The rest of them range from solid but boring low profit steady gainers, making five ... six ... seven percent per year...

To poorly-managed fly-by-night operations that are burning through cash like crazy, doomed to fail even as gold prices hit new highs ...

To outright scams designed to enrich a small group of insiders at your expense.

So how can you tell which ones are ready to rake in record profits — and which ones will cost you an arm and a leg?

Well, don’t worry. You’ll get everything you need to profit from the coming “bullion boom” in my new profit report, “The Great Gold Rush of 2018”.

This groundbreaking report is yours FREE when you agree to a risk-free “test drive” of my monthly newsletter, Wealth Supercycle.

You can download your copy right now—at zero cost to you—simply by clicking the button below.

In this special report, you’ll hear about THREE of the top-performing junior miners on my radar.

Each one of these miners has stellar management with decades of experience.

Each one has rock-solid financials, with rising revenues ... low debt ... and booming cash flow.

Each one has a unique advantage over the competition — a special “twist” that makes it stand out from the crowd.

And every single one of them has the potential to multiply your money many times over.

Need an example? Look no further than my ...

Must-Buy Junior Miner #1

How to buy gold for 18 cents on the dollar...
And go for 1,858% as bullion skyrockets

This tiny stock is one of the fastest-growing junior miners in the world.

Right now, this firm has proven reserves of $13.3 billion. And that’s at today’s gold prices.

As bullion rises to $5,000 an ounce, the value of this tiny mining firm’s reserves will skyrocket to more than $52 billion.

That fact alone would put this junior on my short list. But it gets even better.

Over the last 12 months, this firm has slashed operating costs. A year ago, it cost $1,072 to get one ounce of gold out of the ground. Now it costs just $801.

That’s a whopping reduction of $271 per ounce — money that goes directly their bottom-line profits. And costs are projected to drop even more.

On top of that, production is booming. Today, this firm produces 510,000 Troy ounces of gold a year.

But thanks to better technology ... and new mines coming online ... production is expected to hit 850,000 ounces in 2018. That’s a 67% increase in just 24 months.

As I wrote this briefing, this stock was trading at less than $3.00 per share. And according to my models, it’s set to make big moves — and soon.

The best part: Right now, this junior is criminally undervalued.

You see, despite rock-solid financials ... a fantastic debt-to-equity ratio ... and $99.8 million in cash on hand ...

... This junior miner’s market cap is just $3.1 billion.

That’s a mere 18% of the current value of its $19.4 billion in proven gold reserves.

In other words, buying shares in this miner is like ...

Buying gold at an 82% discount!

And that’s at today’s prices.

Remember, the 5,000-year-old gold cycle will drive bullion prices to $1,834 in the next 12 months ...

Then shoot up to $2,900 in 2019 ...

Before hitting $5,000 (and even going beyond) in 2021 — just 36 months from now.

Once that happens ... and this firm is finally fully valued ... your returns could be as high 1,858%.

That’s enough to turn $10,000 into $195,000 — from a single stock — with no options, shorting, or complex trading tactics required!

When you claim your copy of “The Great Gold Rush of 2018”, you’ll get everything you need to decide if this profit opportunity is right for you.

I’ll tell you the name of this junior miner ... the full story on why it’s such a great deal ... and the “drop dead” price for this little-known stock.

You’ll get all of that—and more—when you claim your FREE copy of this valuable report today.

Now, buying gold for 18 cents on the dollar — and leveraging that steal of a lifetime into 1,858% gains — is the kind of deal most investors can only dream about.

But those amazing gains are just a taste of what’s to come. Just take a look at ...

Junior Miner #2:

The next Goldcorp

Back in 2001, Goldcorp sold for about $3.00 per share. By 2011 — when gold prices hit their peak — it was trading at $55.83.

That’s an increase of 1,248% — enough to turn $10,000 into $134,000 from a single investment.

And with this next stock, you could enjoy even bigger gains.

You see, the renegade CEO behind Goldcorp’s success is the #1 stakeholder in a new venture:

A booming junior poised to rake in profits of 2,497% — leaving Goldcorp’s amazing profits in the dust.

And for good reason. You see, under the guidance of this renegade CEO, this junior has created ...

The perfect recipe for record profits

Today, this junior miner produces about 150,000 ounces of gold per year.

But that number is set to double — even as bullion prices go through the roof.

You see, this junior just got federal approval for construction on a new mine — one with over 419,000 ounces in gold reserves.

When this new mine starts production next year, it will pump out an additional 65,000 ounces of gold per year.

On top of that, the firm also acquired a complex of mines in Timmins, Ontario — one of most productive gold mining regions in the world.

These new mines have total reserves of 1,456,000 ounces of gold.

When they come online, they could boost production another 100,000 ounces per year ...

... Bringing this junior’s total annual production to over 300,000 ounces of gold — more than double today’s levels!

And here’s the really good news ...

The massive production boom will happen as gold prices rise to $1,834 ... $2,900 ... and finally $5,000 an ounce.

So even as this junior miner’s production levels triple, the value of that new gold will skyrocket.

With 300,000 ounces of gold production per year, revenues could easily go up five ... ten ... even 20 times.

What’s more, this junior has zero debt. None. Nada. That’s almost unheard of in the mining sector.

It also has excellent free cash flow — boosted by $13 million a year in royalty payments from other miners.

And with a war chest of $51 million in cash or cash equivalents, it’s positioned to profit wildly from the coming boom. Just like Goldcorp back in 2001.

You could triple your money in 180 days
(and that’s just for starters)

Last year, this junior tripled in just six months — during a time when gold prices rose just 27%.

More recently, it shot up 58% in just six weeks, as gold prices rose just 9%.

But I predict the best profits are yet to come.

In fact, this junior could easily earn you 2,497% as gold climbs to $5,000.

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When you take action today, I’ll also tell you about another miner on my “Must buy” list.

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First, this company’s portfolio of mines produces well over one million ounces of gold per year.

Plus, it has over 28 million ounces in proven gold reserves — worth a whopping $35 billion at today’s prices.

And over the last few years, they’ve consistently boosted production ... cut costs ... and dramatically improved efficiency and safety.

But that’s not why I love this stock.

You see, the real reason it’s my “Must buy” list is simple. This miner gives you the rare opportunity to ...

Make money in three different ways
(and protect your bottom-line, too)

Until recently, this miner focused exclusively on gold.

But a few months ago, they purchased a high-quality platinum and palladium mine. Production is expected to hit 500,000 ounces next year. And that’s great news.

As you may know, platinum and palladium are in high demand for everything from cars ... to electronics ... to jewelry.

But supply is another story. In fact, there’s a shortfall of 1.2 million ounces for both metals this year alone.

As you might guess, prices for these precious metals are expected to skyrocket — and this miner is ready to rake in the profits.

The best part: This mining firm’s entire supply of both metals is already under contract. And the buyer must pay top dollar — even if prices double or triple!

So as platinum and palladium go through the roof ... this miner’s profits are guaranteed to rise hand-in-hand.

But that’s just one way this stock can make you rich.

You also get to rake in record profits as this mining firm’s 1.5 million ounces a year in gold production skyrockets in value.

(This miner gained 40%+ this year alone ... and as bullion prices go up, I expect those gains to double — or even triple.)

Plus, you get to enjoy hefty dividend payments along the way: Last year, this miner paid out a whopping 85 cents per share!

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After all, junior miners like Contago ORE ... Goldsands ...and Santa Fe recently saw gains of 387% ... 550% ... even 1,560% while gold prices barely went up at all.

And as bullion doubles ... triples ... and finally hits $5,000+ an ounce ...

These “Must buy” miners could turn $5,000 into $92,500 ... $10,000 into $185,000 ... and $25,000 into $464,500.

Of course, once Wall Street’s wolves see those kind of gains, billions will likely flood into these tiny miners.

Prices will shoot up even higher — and early investors will see even bigger gains.

But nine out ten investors won’t take action, even if they know about this amazing opportunity.

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