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  • The 24-karat blunder: The costly mistake every gold investor needs to avoid like the plague ...
  • The irony of $5,000 gold: Why watching your gold coins appreciate 285% is a terrible mistake
  • The secret revealed:  How gold insiders really get rich ...
  • The one gold investment that returns $68 for every $1 rise in gold ...
  • Much more below!

Dear Fellow Investor,

Hello, this is Sean Brodrick, Senior Analyst at the Weiss Group.

I’m here today to issue a clear and unhedged warning: Aside from a small core holding, sell all your gold coins, bars and ingots immediately!

And if you’re even thinking about buying even $100 dollars’ worth of the yellow metal ... don’t do it until you read what I have to say.

Owning too much physical gold could be a very costly mistake that affects your finances for years to come.

The mistake too many
gold investors make

Let me be clear: I’m not issuing this warning because I think that gold is on the verge of a terrible bear market.

Quite the opposite, actually. I believe the next leg up of the bull market in gold is starting RIGHT NOW — and I want to help you avoid a mistake I see far too many gold investors make.

All of my research, and the research of my team, is virtually screaming that gold prices will reach $5,000 an ounce by 2020 — a 287% increase from today’s prices.

That means that if you own $10,000 worth of gold coins or bullion, I believe your investment will be worth $38,700 — just three years from now.

Now, I know you’re thinking “Sean, if the value of my gold will QUADRUPLE in the next three years, why on Earth would I consider selling?”

A pair
of golden handcuffs

The truth is that owning any more bullion than a small core holding may as well be a pair of golden handcuffs, holding you back from the life-changing gains out there to be had.

Mark my words: This bull market in gold will create a countless number of millionaires.

But those who restrict their gold investments to just bullion will NOT be one of them.

In the 2008-2011 bull market, gold prices surged 61% — but THIS investment did up to 68 times better!

Just look at the last time gold soared: The bull market of 2001-11 ...

Bullion owners did very well for themselves. You could have bagged a hefty 61% return on your investment and patted yourself on the back ...

That is, until you realized how much more money you COULD have made with gold investments designed to soar exponentially compared to bullion.

There are simple stocks that are tied at the hip to gold — and have historically done up to 68 times better than bullion.

If you owned these remarkable shares the last time around, you could have seen the value of your investment rise $68 for every $1 move up in bullion.

I’m talking, of course, about junior mining shares, the smaller, scrappier companies that have the potential to make fortunes for those who own their stock.

$68 gain for every $1 gain in bullion

During the very same time period that gold posted a 61% gain:

  • Asanko Gold rose 1,182% ...
  • Avalon Advanced Minerals posted an astonishing 1,374% increase ...
  • Kaminak Gold soared 3,033% ...
  • And Rare Element Resources exploded 4,178% higher — 68 times better than the gain bullion posted!

Think about that for a moment: If you owned $10,000 worth of bullion, your investment would be worth $16,100.

But if you owned $10,000 worth of Rare Element Resources, your investment would have turned your small grubstake into $417,800.

$16,100 compared to $417,800 ... that’s a no-brainer!

The time to load up on
these remarkable stocks is NOW

Here’s the 24-karat kicker: These remarkable stocks are beginning to move right now — making fortunes for their owners.

In just a minute, I’ll name 18 junior mining companies that have soared, turning every $10,000 invested into at least $100,000 in the past 12 months.

But first, I want to tell you a little bit about one junior mining company in particular — my #1 “buy.”

Similar — but markedly inferior — gold mining shares are now selling for up to $15 per share.

But right now, you can purchase a share of my #1 pick for about $3.

You could take a flier on one thousand shares for just $3,000 ... grab 2,000 shares for a mere $6,000 ... or lock up 100,000 shares for just $30,000.

But you’ll have to act quickly: Today’s massive 80% discount to the market is only available because most mega-institutions and super-rich investors don’t have a clue.

Wall Street’s
costly blind spot

When it comes to gold stocks, sophisticated Wall Street types are babes in the woods.

They don’t know gold ... they don’t understand gold ... they can’t figure out what makes gold prices — and gold stock prices — rise or fall. They just don’t get it.

That’s why stodgy old “stick-in-the-mud” money managers miss out on practically every major move in gold and gold stocks.

It also explains why their profits tend to pale by comparison to the gold market insiders I know.

Right now, for example, I count 39 gold stocks that have posted a gain of 500% or more in the past 18 months.

And I count 20 more than have posted a 1,000% gain — enough to multiply your investment ten times over.

In early 2017, Royal Standard could have multiplied your money 11 times over with a 1,180% gain.

U.S. Lithium Corp. could have made you 12 times richer in less than 6 months.

Atlas Iron spun off a 1,539% gain in just 99 days at the end of 2016.

Goldsands Development could have made you a whopping 1,650% gain in less than four months.

And Commerce Group could have turned a $10,000 investment made in June of 2016 into almost $180,000 in far less than a year!

Each of these stocks would have multiplied your money at least ten times over!

Your secret weapon to beat
Wall Street mega-banks
at their own game

Here’s the thing: Wall Street’s “market bias” against gold stocks is a huge advantage if you know how to work it.

It gives people like you and me — investors who understand gold and have quick reflexes — a major advantage.

We can get on-board before the big money pours in ... then hang on for dear life as our money doubles ... then doubles again ... ad infinitum.

Grow your wealth 18 times over
before Wall Street catches on

In fact, based on recent history, I predict that when Wall Street fat cats start buying, the share price of my #1 stock could soar at least 1,858%.

That’s enough to turn a $1,000 into $19,580 ... $10,000 into $195,800 ... and $25,000 into $489,500 — nearly a half-million dollars.

Now, as you might imagine, my organization jealously guards our reputation as one of the world’s all-time great gold market analysts. So you can trust me when I say I don’t make this recommendation lightly.

For starters, my #1 “buy” is a newer company — just a decade old. But in that short period of time, it has quickly evolved into one of the most successful gold miners in the industry.

It has four operating mines, and is currently sitting on a staggering 15,418,000 ounces of proven gold.


Now, here’s the amazing thing ...

At $3 per share, this company is a great value.

One of its peers sells for over $8 a share ... and it has four million fewer ounces of gold!

And frankly, none of those stocks have a prayer of multiplying your money as gold prices rise. In fact, since gold rises in times of trouble, these other stocks could ultimately cost you a fortune.

So right off the bat, you are getting much more than your money’s worth.

Now, get this: My #1 gold pick owns gold worth FAR more than the value of its stock — over five times more.

For your $3, you get one share of the company ... and also one share of its gold reserves ... a share worth $18.75 at today’s gold price.

These facts alone would make buying this stock now a no-brainer. And there’s more ...

A combination that can make you very rich

For one thing, the company’s earnings are about to explode higher.

That’s a big deal — because this is already one of the world’s most efficient and profitable gold mining operations. For years, it has nearly doubled its money on every ounce of gold it produced.

Not anymore! The company’s management just slashed production costs by a staggering 25.3%, clearing the way for veritable earnings explosion — and ultimately, soaring stock prices.

PLUS, the company is increasing its gold production by 67% over the next two years.

That’s a powerful combination.

This gold miner — already one of the most profitable around — is about to announce that it has produced nearly 70% more ounces of gold and made 25% more money on each ounce than ever before.

Mark my words: That means the company’s earnings are about to soar.

Share price shoots the moon once
Wall Street catches wind

Just within the past 18 months, Brookmount Explorations soared 1,900% once Wall Street caught wind.

Had you owned Brookmount stock, you would have seen the value of your shares explode almost 20 times over!

Plus …

  • First Colombia Gold Corp saw its share value soar $1,900% in less than two months.
  • Pacific Gold Corp skyrocketed even faster, posting a similar gain in just 21 days last October.
  • Rimrock Gold Corp exploded even higher in less than a week, and ...
  • Golden Eagle International could have turned every $10,000 you invest into more than $300,000.

Your money could have multiplied 30 times over!

Profits are only HALF the story

And remember: When you own My #1 stock, not only do you get a tremendous company on the launching pad ... not only do you get an outstanding bargain ... you get “FREE GOLD” in the process.

Granted, it’s not like they’re sending shipments of the stuff to your doorstep every month.

But the gold in this company’s reserves — the gold you effectively buy when you buy its stock — is of tremendous importance.

Because while this company has everything it takes to deliver life-changing profits ...

The physical gold this company owns provides a critical layer of safety for you.

You see, for over 5,000 years, gold has served as mankind’s most secure “safe haven” in times of uncertainty and trouble.

In other words, in times like these.

We all know that massive, patently unpayable government debts ... a worldwide retreat from the globalists’ agenda ... intensifying terrorism ... civil strife ... saber-rattling ... even all-out shooting wars between nations ...

Plus, a new U.S. president with ideas some investors feel are “radical” ... uncomfortable ... or possibly even frightening ...

... Truly do make this “the perfect storm” for gold.

And if the ca-ca hits the air conditioner — even if most other stocks crash and burn — the gold this company owns is likely to double, then double again ... right along with its share price.

Could we see $5,000 gold? I say, “Absolutely.”

Could the yellow metal soar even higher? Our research says it probably will.

And historically, when gold prices rise one dollar, select gold shares like this one tend to rise $68 or even more.

Gold miners ALREADY
posting gains over 6,400%

Just within the last year, as gold begins the early stages of its new bull market ...

  • Gryphon Gold Corp posted a mind-boggling gain of 3,024%.
  • Bullfrog Gold has spun off a gain of 3,369% ...
  • Grizzly Gold surged 3,397% between February and July of 2016 ...
  • Golden River could have handed you a 6,400% gain in just 105 days, and ...
  • ZNext Mining could have multiplied your wealth up to 100 times over — enough to turn $20,000 into $2 million.

Even if you caught just one-half of that move, you could have seen your wealth multiply 50 times over. At that rate, $10,000 turns into $500,000 — and $20,000 turns into $1 MILLION!

Why I’m so sure this stock
is perfectly positioned to make you at least 10 times richer.

My organization — The Edelson Institute — knows how it feels to grab these kinds of profits first-hand ...

We have accurately predicted every major twist and turn in the gold market since the late 1970s, including the near 20-year bear market between 1980 and 1999.

In 1999 and 2000, we suddenly changed course; proclaiming that the bear market had ended ... a new bull market had begun ... and urging investors to buy gold with both hands.

Gold soared 533% to over $1,900 per ounce, just as we predicted.

Then, within a whisker of the exact top for gold in September of 2011, we announced that the bull market was about to end.

Sure enough; gold prices began falling on cue, plunging almost by half over the next four years.

Then, in December 2015, with gold around $1,050 per ounce, we switched courses again, announcing the end of the bear market.

Gold prices promptly posted their first 30% gain in years.

Most recently, we warned that gold will see some turbulence in early 2017, but that the long-term trend to $5,000 is still intact.

Still, though, my conviction that this stock will soar at least 1,858% caused some skepticism within my team.

My publisher pressed me to explain WHY I’m so sure this obscure gold stock will deliver windfall profits.

I gave him four compelling reasons:

Reason #1:

Crisis is in the air ...

Our team is world-famous for our knowledge of the economic cycles that have caused every major boom and bust throughout history.

Some waves have positive influences on the economy, others exert negative influences.

Here’s the key: The time-honored Kondratieff Wave is the longest wave — and it is sending a frightening message:

We are headed for a trough that signals a massive meltdown in the global economy.

That’s critical: When the “K-Wave” struck in 1929, it decimated the value of stocks by almost 50%.

But the news gets even more troubling: 

In normal times, The K-Wave and the shorter financial cycles move independently of each other.

But in October 2015, something strange happened; something that hasn’t happened since 1929, just before the stock market crash and Great Depression:

ALL of the financial waves we study began to converge with each other.

ALL of them are now pointing to an economic catastrophe of Biblical proportions on the horizon.

Just like they did in 1929, before the stock market crash that triggered America’s last “Great Depression.”

This is, hands-down, the single most negative signal our team has seen in four decades of studying financial cycles — but at least one scientist saw this coming early in the 20th Century.

One of Kondratieff’s disciples, Josef Schumpeter said it best:

“If the shorter cycles come into phase with each other ... and if they, in turn, join with the K-Wave ... the amplitude or size of the resulting wave would be enormous.

“It would result in an economic catastrophe of epic proportions.”

A dire warning indeed ... And that’s precisely what’s happening right now:

The 7-to-11-year Juglar Cycle, is signaling massive hoarding of cash by businesses ... plunging re-investment of earnings ... massive job destruction ... and a comatose economy ...

The 40-month Kitchin Cycle, is signaling slower business formation ... extremely weak consumer demand ... slower inventory turnover ... chronic unemployment and worse, and ...

The 20 and 60-year economic cycles, which also signal that a great depression and economic catastrophe with tremendous financial pain is directly ahead.

Make no mistake: This historic convergence will
affect EVERY investment you own.

And this time, due to the insane amounts of debt the world’s governments have amassed, the crisis is likely to make the Great Depression of the 1930s pale by comparison.

Stock markets will crater.

Banks will go belly up.

Corporate bonds won’t be worth the paper they’re printed on.

Governments will loot private bank accounts.

Entire nations will default on their sovereign debt.

In other words: Chaos will reign.

Millions will lose everything.

And as the crisis unfolds, investors around the globe will need to stash their wealth somewhere safe ...

As has always happened in times of crisis, millions of investors world-wide will turn to mankind’s greatest “safe harbor” investment: Gold.

As a result, you and I are in a prime position to cash in on a veritable GOLD BONANZA.

Gold bonanza ahead:
Get ready for $5,000 gold!

Right now, our proprietary cycles models indicate that gold prices will explode to well over $5,000 per ounce.

Now, that may sound extreme, but for decades, our cycles models have proven astonishingly accurate.

As we’ve already seen, they enabled us to nail every major move in gold for decades.

They’ve also made us famous for astonishingly accurate stock market forecasts ...

In 1987, we warned of a coming crash in the stock market and a strong rally that would follow.

The Dow fell 23% in a single day that October, then rallied nearly 73% to a new all-time high just as he predicted.

We are perhaps best-known on Wall Street for predicting the tech stock bubble would burst in 2000 — a crash that ultimately stung U.S. investors for an estimated $6.5 trillion in losses.

Another major coup: Our warning in 2007 that the real estate market was about to implode.

We warned — very publicly — that the housing bust would send the U.S. economy spiraling down into the deepest recession in decades ... push major banks and brokerages to the brink of collapse (and in some cases, beyond) ... and crush stock values.

Then, in March of 2009 — within two weeks of the exact bottom in the market — we announced that the worst was over, telling our readers to ... “Expect a giant rally back to OVER 10,000 in the Dow.”

Over the next seven years, the Dow rose more than 200%, just as we predicted.

The story is similar in many other investment markets: Over the past four decades, our team accurately called ...

  • OIL AND COMMODITIES: We accurately predicted the bull market in oil and other natural resources that began in the year 2000 ... and the bust of 2014 and 2015. We also went on record as saying that oil prices would not turn the corner until they fell to $26. Which they did on February 11, 2016, followed by a 106% bounce.
  • CURRENCIES: We correctly called the decline of the U.S. dollar that began in 2002 and the bull market in the dollar that began on March 17, 2008 ...
  • EVEN POLITICS: On September 26 — 44 days before the 2016 presidential election, every pundit and news outlet was already declaring Hillary Clinton the winner. We begged to differ. Forty-four days before the election, we announced that Donald J. Trump would be elected the 45th President of the United States.

And now, the historic convergence of economic cycles, the correct timing of gold’s recent pullback and the election of President Trump all mean one thing ...

Select gold stocks — stocks like my #1 pick now — could soon make fleet-footed investors richer than King Midas.

And that brings me to my second reason why this gold share could be about to make investors wealthy:

Reason #2:

In the bull market that began in 2000 mining
shares like this one delivered $68 in profits for
every ONE dollar earned by bullion investors.

Right now, smaller mining companies — junior mining shares like my #1 stock — offer you the greatest profit potential by far.

These are stocks issued by smaller mining companies. Many have far lower overhead than their larger competitors. And many have massive amounts of gold in the ground: Gold that is currently worth far more than all of each company’s stock combined.

They soar at times like this because the value of the gold they control soars with every uptick in gold prices.

Plus, many investors actually prefer these stocks over bullion.

The reason: They worry that gold bullion could be confiscated like it was in the 1930s.

They’d rather own mining shares because they have never been confiscated.

And history shows these junior mining shares can hand you profits that are up to 50 times more than you could earn simply by buying and holding physical gold coins or bars.

Case in point: Between October 10, 2008 and February 4, 2011, gold rose 61%. The best senior miners rose up to 186% — but the best-performing junior mining shares did up to 68 times better:

  • First Majestic: Up 1,151% ...
  • Asanko Gold: Up 1,182% ...
  • Avalon Advanced Materials: Up 1,374% ...
  • Kaminak Gold: Up 3,033%, and ...
  • Rare Element Resources: Up 4,178%.

Think of it: Investors who owned Rare Element Resources earned $68 for every ONE dollar earned by bullion investors.

Imagine: That 4,178% gain is enough to turn every $10,000 you invest into $427,800.

Reason #3:

Last time around, stocks like this one
could have turned every $10,000 invested
into as much as $700,000.

The best junior miners
post gains of up to 6,000%
and more!

Just look at some of the leaders:

Golden Queen: Up 2,093% ...

Rare Element Resources: Up 4,178% ...

Kaminak Gold Corp: Up 6,182% ...

And Klondex Mines posted a massive, 6,913% gain.

That’s enough to turn a $1,000 pittance into $70,000 ... a $10,000 grubstake into $700,000 ... and a $25,000 investment into more than $1.7 million.

Check out the biggest winner:

$25,000 turns into $48 million!

The whole truth is that one junior mining share did 28 times better even than Klondex Mines did.

Hudbay Minerals posted a 192,500% gain between March 29 of 2001 and October 29 of 2007.

Any investor who invested just $1,000 could have walked away with more than $1.9 million.

If you had invested just $10,000 in that one junior mining share, you could have walked away with more than $19 million.

And a $25,000 investment in that one stock would have made you more than $48 million richer.

I repeat: Based on Bloomberg data, a $25,000 investment in Hudbay could have made you forty-eight MILLION dollars richer.

These are real numbers! This actually happened! You could have quite literally invested the loose change in your car’s ashtray and watched it grow into tens of thousands of dollars!

Of course, gains like these don’t happen with every junior mining stock. And even when they do happen, catching the entire move can be difficult.

Also, junior miners can be tricky stocks to own: Most junior miners can be bought on the cheap — often for just pennies a share.

And because they are so thinly traded, their value often soars 10 times ... 100 times ... even 1,000 times over.

But they can also turn on a dime and erase those gains — or more — very quickly.

You could be the next
junior miner millionaire!

The plain truth is, untold numbers of laborers, secretaries and every day investors probably became multi-millionaires as these junior mining stocks soared.

Now, with our help, you could be next — with gold shares like the ones I’ve shown you, and more you’ll see in a moment ...

My organization has spent the vast majority of our 38-year existence studying gold, gold miners and the economic cycles that govern their booms and busts.

And we have devoted ourselves to perfecting the timing that is absolutely necessary to trade junior miners successfully.

And our proprietary timing models have me thoroughly convinced that the time to buy my #1 gold stock is NOW.

Reason #4:

Buying this stock now is like
getting FREE GOLD.

If you add up the value of all the stock this company has issued, it equals just 14% of the value of the gold it owns.

So when you buy this stock now, it’s like you’re paying for a Kia, then having the dealer hand you the keys to a shiny new Porsche:

You are quite literally paying less than one fifth of what this company is really worth.

If this stock were to sell for its true value, you could instantly find yourself FIVE TIMES richer.

In many ways, buying this stock now is like getting gold FOR FREE: You pay for a share in the company and get all of its gold reserves, no charge.

Look at it this way:

You are effectively buying gold at $234 an ounce — at 82% less than the price of bullion!

Dollar for dollar, you get more than five ounces of gold for the price of one!

More importantly ...

If my #1 gold stock reaches its full value when the yellow metal hits his $5,000 target, you could be looking at a 1,858% gain!

That’s enough to turn every $10,000 you invest into more than $195,000 ...

And $25,000 into almost half a million dollars.

I’ve just put the finishing touches
on a FREE REPORT that gives you
all the details on this remarkable stock.

I am so impressed with this stock, I’ve prepared a comprehensive investment recommendation in my new intelligence briefing, My Favorite Gold Miner to Own Now.

Normally $79 per copy, it’s yours free when you apply for a risk-free membership in my Wealth Supercycle monthly newsletter.

This is much more than a simple “buy” signal. It may well be the most valuable piece of financial literature you EVER read.

In your FREE copy of My Favorite Gold Miner to Own Now, you get my comprehensive strategy for my #1 gold stock ...

You’ll discover why I believe this stock will likely give you pre-commission profits of at least 1,858%.

Again: That’s enough to turn a $1,000 into $19,580 ... $10,000 into $195,800 ... and $25,000 into $489,500 — nearly a half-million dollars.

And you’ll also see why even these are conservative estimates of the profits you could earn.

Just within the past year ...

  • Santo Mining Corp Could have turned every $1,000 invested into almost $10,000 ...
  • Santa Fe Gold Corp posted a 15,900% gain — turning every $10,000 invested into $1.6 million ... and a $25,000 stake into 4 million!
  • Raven Gold Corp. posted a 19,900% gain ... turning every 10,000 invested into almost $2 million.
  • And both Discovery Minerals and Patten Energy Solutions posted gains of 99,900%!

With a gain like that, you could have turned the loose change in your car’s ash tray into tens of thousands of dollars ... a tiny $1,000 investment would have made you a millionaire …

And a $25,000 investment could have turned into $24 MILLION!

How to get your FREE copy of
My Favorite Gold Miner to Own Now

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... The coming wars in Asia and the Middle East ...

... And lots more.

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Investing in these global mega-trends before the crowds is how subscribers to my Wealth Supercycle newsletter have had the opportunity to bag profits on favorite picks like ...

  • 55.9% on Eagle Bulk Shipping in only 12 months
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  • 91% on Direxion Daily Jr Gold Miners Index Bull 3x Shares in just a 1 month
  • 97.8% on HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries in only 7 months
  • 102.7% on Alumina in 5 short months
  • 103.8% in just a month on a SPDR Gold Shares option
  • 106.8% in 11 months with China Petroleum & Chemical Corp
  • 139% on Aluminum Corp of China in 12 months
  • 196.8% on Northgate Minerals in just 1 year
  • And another 271.7% on Northgate Minerals during the same time frame

To name just a few.

And all these gains were BEFORE the new bull market in gold and silver began ...

So as gold and silver soar to new heights, your profits could be far, far greater.

Over the years, I’ve worked non-stop to ensure my readers can grow and protect their money. And they appreciate it.

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