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Stealth Attack on America

One of the greatest economic assaults since our nation’s founding is fast approaching …

Here’s how to shield your wealth, help defend your country, and secure your posterity ...

Dear Investor,

Over seven decades ago, a stealth campaign to challenge America’s financial and political greatness began.

It was, from the start, the most ambitious war ever conceived.

Yet for years, pundits and politicians played along or looked the other way.

Now, as the battle has reached a decisive stage…

A major new attack looms

In the short time we have together today…

I will reveal why this threat is now too big to ignore, how it can directly impact your finances, and what to do about it.

Weiss editor, Sean Brodrick

But first, allow me to introduce myself ...

My name is Sean Brodrick.

For nearly a half-century, my colleagues and I have helped investors like you shield and grow their wealth in the face of almost every crisis imaginable.

And we now have one that’s almost unimaginable.

I’m not talking about the pandemic.

Nor is it about social unrest.

The threat of a global defeat unlike any America has ever suffered

Already, we’re facing economic and political turmoil in America, some of the worst since the Great Depression.

So, the economic assault on America I’m about to reveal could not have come at a worse time.

Why haven’t you heard anything about this financial menace?

You’re not the only one.

Even high-end brokers, elite hedge fund managers and Inside-the-Beltway politicians are in the dark — or are simply ignoring — what’s really happening.

And yet, this sneak attack on our republic has been in the works for many years.

You see, in a zealous pursuit for global supremacy, one supposedly “friendly” foreign nation is eagerly using the economic crisis of 2020 — and America’s domestic political battles — towards its goal of gaining global supremacy ...

And thereby ending the American Empire.

This foreign nation is working hard to trigger a chain of events that could sink the U.S. economy far worse than any pandemic ever could.

I understand. The mere thought is chilling to the bone.

But I’m simply following the facts... unnerving as they may be.

The threat comes from one nation — one nation determined to use America as a disposable stepping-stone for its own success.

I’m talking about CHINA.

China is playing 3D chess to America’s checkers.

It has been for many years.

And now, as America sinks into an economic depression — and social turmoil erupts across a divided political landscape — the People’s Republic is putting…

The final phase of its plan into action

It’s the hidden war nobody wants to talk about.

But if you think this is a replay of the Cold War with the Soviet Union, think again. It’s very different for a simple reason.

China is SUCCEEDING where the Soviet Union failed.

Remember, the USSR collapsed into the dustbin of history, its finances in shambles, its people demoralized.

Today, the Russian economy is frail and sickly — with a GDP that trails far behind India’s, Italy’s and even Brazil’s.

China, in contrast, has long been the fastest-growing economy on the planet.

And even though it was the first to feel the sting of the coronavirus, it was also the first to overcome the threat and embark on a path to recovery.

Just thirty years ago, China’s economy was barely larger than Spain’s. Today, it’s three times larger than Japan’s and nearly nine times larger than Russia’s.

In fact, China’s economy is now so powerful it’s poised not only to overtake America and grab the throne of world superpower...

The American economy — and the life we’ve all come to know — will be brought to its knees.

This is serious. This is not just some geopolitical concern.

As I’ll show in a moment…

Your personal security and life savings are at risk as well.

Because the U.S. dollar itself is a prime target of this attack.

And this will be followed by shockwaves that could help bring down U.S. stocks … devastate real estate values … and bankrupt a broad swath of Corporate America.

The U.S. has already witnessed…

An economic decline that’s deeper than the Great Recession of 2009

We’ve already seen the global economy virtually shut down.

And now, China is getting ready to deliver the final blow.

Look. In these crazy times, events are happening fast.

So, it’s imperative you take action with equal speed.

I don’t want you to be among the victims.

You should not have to suffer…

Before I go one step further, however, I want to clarify two things:

First, we have no enmity toward China.

We pray that their leaders (and ours) will NOT continue to escalate the conflict between our nations, will NOT let things spiral out of control.

Second, the geopolitical and financial events I predict today are not 100% etched in stone. No one can foretell such future events with utter certainty.

But I do know the cold hard facts that I see, and I must share them with you now.

The fact is that the momentum toward conflict is so powerful — and the danger is so great — any failure to take prompt action can make a life-changing difference for you ... for the worse.

I’ll describe what to expect — how it could impact you, your family and your finances.

I’ll even supply the NAMES of the giant companies and stocks that are most vulnerable in the coming crisis …

Plus, the investments most likely to survive and even thrive.

Because — as with any crisis ...

You could be among the few investors who secure a legacy of prosperity for their family in the “postwar” world

That outcome will not only be good for you.

It will also be good for the country.

The more you can defend your savings and build your wealth, the more you’ll be able to invest in America when she needs it most.

And that need WILL come, as we seek to rebuild and recover the AMERICAN Republic on a sound financial footing.

Indeed, the good news is that a handful of citizens who read the handwriting on the wall will not only escape the dangers …

They’ll actually have the opportunity to secure a generational fortune.

And if you act immediately on the simple recommendations I’m about to name today, you could be one of them.

I’m proud to say that my research firm is in the forefront of this battle, and we didn’t begin yesterday.

Since 1971, we’ve helped average investors build their wealth safely in good times and bad.

We were among the first to alert our readers to bank failures of the 1990s, the dot-com bust of the early 2000s, and the great debt crisis of 2008 — all well in advance of the bloodbath.

In fact, just as property values in the U.S. were about to begin plunging, we called the final stage of the real estate bubble.

But this time, we’re facing more than just a bust in one particular sector.

Nearly our entire economy is vulnerable to this assault.

Because China’s actions could help trigger jaw-dropping crashes in every financial market: Stocks ... bonds ... even the U.S. dollar itself.

These moves will seem to defy all logic. And you must learn to reject everything you thought you knew about investing.

Do that, and you could protect your wealth and grow it.

Fail to heed this warning, and you could lose more than you can imagine.


Why IS the Middle Kingdom One of the Greatest Threats to American Investors?

President Xi Jinping of the People's Republic of China

To start, let’s take a look at China’s current leadership …

When Xi Jinping took power in 2013, the West saw a harmless-looking man of sixty with a genial smile — the “ Mikhail Gorbachev” of China.

They expected he would replace China’s old guard and institute the democratic reforms of their dreams.

But it turned out to be just another example in a long history of wishful thinking and shocking letdowns.

In 2018, Xi abolished term limits for the president of China.

Civilian holding a flag with a
portrait of Joseph Stalin

He declared himself President for Life.

And he imposed a new regime of authoritarian control.

Which is, in many ways, even more repressive and frightening than those of Joseph Stalin or Mao Zedong.

Then, in 2020, Xi took aggressive new steps to virtually end any vestige of autonomy for Hong Kong — a warning to the West that he will pursue his agenda regardless of the impact on global alliances or global trade.

Whether on the Mainland or in Hong Kong, citizens must toe the line on “Xi Jinping Thought” ... just incorporated into the Chinese constitution.

The cult of personality around Xi includes books, cartoons, pop songs and even dances honoring “Papa Xi” — the greeting used for the ancient emperors.

And like all cult leaders, he pushes his distorted version of reality with feverish obsession.

What is Xi’s “reality”?

It’s that, in the 19th century, western capitalist countries were to blame for reducing China to a semi-feudal society.

And getting in the way of its true destiny.

This is the message that’s force-fed to students from kindergarten to college. Even Nixon’s opening to China is portrayed as a “ruse” to goad the Soviets into launching a war against the People’s Republic.

But this distorted view of history has even deeper roots …

China’s “Day of Justice”

It all began with the Opium Wars of the mid-1800s.

Back then, the West called China “the Sick Man of East Asia” ... “a barbaric, inferior race.”

To this day, many in China blame the British (and the West in general) for intentionally flooding the nation with opium — and creating the addiction that followed — as a stealth attack on its people.

The Chinese called the period that followed the “Century of Humiliation.” And it’s still deeply etched on the Chinese psyche.

Following World War II — and the crushing defeat and occupation China suffered at the hands of the Japanese — Mao Zedong determined to set things right.

In fact, 1949 — the year Mao founded the Communist state — was the beginning of a “100-Year Marathon” to Make CHINA Great Again!

It’s the story behind Mao’s obelisk in Tiananmen Square.

Its images show the guerilla war and Mao’s rise to end China’s humiliation … and the following hundred years as a time to throw off foreign influence.

American tourists walk by taking pictures, oblivious to its message:

“China’s day of justice is coming!”

Xi Jinping’s slogan carries the message to the next level, “The China Dream of National Rejuvenation.”

It’s from a 2009 “recommended” best-seller called The China Dream by Colonel Liu Mingfu of the People’s Liberation Army.

It explains how the Soviets failed miserably in their quest to supplant the U.S., why China’s efforts will be different, and how China will replace America as the world’s superpower ...

To quote Colonel Liu …

“China’s grand goal in the 21st Century is to become the world’s No. 1 power … [Mao] dared to craft a grand plan to surpass America, stating that beating the United States would be China’s greatest contribution to humanity.”

How, exactly, does China intend to achieve its aims?

One set of guiding principles comes from …

Ancient Codes of the Warring States

The Warring States period covered five centuries of deception and intrigue, ending around 221 BC with unification under the Qin dynasty.

The goal? To become the ba — the dominant power.

Indeed, it’s the “codes” from this era that China’s 100-Year Marathon relies on.

And America has fallen for every single one …

Ancient Code #1

“Get Others to Work for You... in Harmony”

For Americans, the best way to understand it is with the story from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer …

Tom is given the painful task of painting a fence.

So he decides to run a con. He makes it look like so much fun the neighborhood kids offer to pay him to do the work.

I associate that with the Taoist principle of wu wei — “without effort” — and China’s stunning economic achievements were, to a large extent, built on the efforts of others.

Especially the U.S.

For decades, a not-so-small fortune of your tax dollars was spent to aid China’s rise.

Most of it kept low profile.

Unnoticed by the media and the public …

Sending U.S. Labor Department experts to boost Chinese productivity ...

U.S. Treasury support for Chinese banking ...

Federal Aviation Administration assistance to Chinese aircraft manufacturers...

U.S. government agencies assisting hundreds of Chinese science programs.

Western elites helped China join the World Trade Organization … get loans from the IMF and World Bank … not to mention launching their stock market, central bank and auto industry.

Ancient Code #2

“Steal from Your Enemy”

It’s well known that China is the primary source of cyberespionage against the U.S.

Their elaborate spying machine allows them to cheat their way up the technology ladder.

Ironically, the strategy is named “Made in China 2025.”

And each of the tactics it uses is astounding in its own right, such as …

Forced technology transfers from companies that do business with China …

Hacking of U.S. corporations, academic institutions and government research facilities …

Corporate takeovers of companies in Southeast Asia, Europe, and even the Americas — giving the parent companies in China direct access to some of the most valuable U.S. technological secrets …

Plus, numerous other ways to steal intellectual property.

Victims include Alphabet (Google) ... AT&T ... the U.S. Chamber of Commerce ... Visa ... Mastercard ... and even the Departments of Defense, State, Homeland Security and Energy.

Here’s a map showing Chinese hacking attacks over a five-year period …

Credit: NSA

Do you notice the concentration of cyberattacks against technology-rich targets in the San Francisco Bay Area, financial targets in New York, and military-intelligence targets around Washington, DC?

Hacking is a key component to China’s 100-Year Marathon to steal technologies it can’t invent, and gain intellectual property it doesn’t want to create.

The U.S. Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property says hacking costs our economy more than $300 billion per year.

Including $107 billion in lost sales.

Not to mention an estimated 2.1 million lost U.S. jobs.

So it should come as no surprise that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce calls it “a blueprint for technology theft on a scale the world has never seen before.”

The People’s Liberation Army no longer needs to reverse-engineer stolen helicopters and drones.

That’s old school.

Now it simply downloads plans from a contractor’s network and builds the ship or missile according to specs.

Ancient Code #3

“Economic Power Trumps Military Might”

China believes resource wars are inevitable. So, they’re stockpiling, while seeking to deny the same assets to nearly all others.

Case in point … OIL.

China is using its $4.0 trillion in foreign reserves to buy up energy resources all over the world.

And because China has no qualms about dealing with pariah states that are off-limits to Western oil companies — like Iran, Venezuela and Sudan ...

They’re outflanking the U.S. on multiple fronts.

And with oil markets down, they’re about to go on a bargain-hunting rampage.

But even this is nothing compared to its most dangerous financial scheme.

I’m talking about China’s very public dream to derail the dollar as the reserve currency of global trade ...

... and replace it with a NEW WORLD CURRENCY.

That would mean a bigger role for the Chinese yuan in a global currency controlled by the International Monetary Fund.

And, most terrifyingly, it would sign the death warrant on America’s seemingly endless line of credit.

This is no fiction.

In fact this currency ALREADY EXISTS in the form of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), the currency of currencies managed by the International Monetary Fund.

Not long ago the Chinese yuan wasn’t even a part of the SDR’s equation.

But in 2015, the yuan became the fourth most-used currency for global payments, right behind the U.S. dollar, the euro and the British pound.

And now, the Chinese currency is in third place, even surpassing the pound.

Step by step, China is kicking the dollar to the curb by signing yuan-based trading agreements right and left.

Already, the U.S. dollar makes up less than 42% of the SDR’s value. And that share is only shrinking.

Economist and global strategist Peter Schiff says the dollar’s collapse is inevitable, and the U.S. is speeding up the process:

“The sanctions that we have been imposing around the world, this is simply giving the world yet another reason to look for an alternative to the US dollar.”

That’s not to say that the dollar can’t continue to rally a while longer.

But it’s like the bow of the Titanic rising as the ship sinks.

With all these strategies combined, China’s 100-Year Marathon of deception has been a wild success …

China’s growth rate has been three times the global average.

And it’s estimated that by 2031, China’s economy could be DOUBLE that of the U.S.

All while the Chinese government encourages audacious programs to steal our technology … buyout our companies … counterfeit our products … and build up huge trade surpluses!

Its mission is clear.

To be the next world superpower.

Not just culturally, but economically, and ultimately, militarily.

Or course, right now, China would be defeated in any fighting war with the U.S.

That’s why they’ve been patiently waiting for the next great economic crisis to strike. And in their view, the COVID-19 pandemic fits the bill.

Plus, rioting and social upheaval on the home front have politicians and citizens turned inward ... engaged in a kind of internal war.

So — with America distracted — NOW is when they’re most likely to accelerate the push to take over America’s superpower status.

Here’s how the final stage of China’s plan unfolds… And how America could lose.

Let me set the stage. In the very near future …

Pandemic bailouts and benefits hit a brick wall and come to an end.

Local and state governments — already reeling — find themselves forced to lay off federal employees by the millions.

Federal welfare programs are delayed, even cancelled.

Retirees see their benefits cut ... and then ended altogether.

As spending comes to a screeching halt, small mom and pop businesses and mega-corporations, which managed to survive the initial coronavirus crisis, collapse by the thousands.

Staples of American culture — burdened by impossible debt and no backup plan — go bankrupt one after the other.

But that’s just the first phase.

In the second phase, the federal government itself comes to the brink of default.

Governments and investors worldwide unload their dollar holdings like so much toxic waste ... and the greenback itself collapses in value.

Millions more shell-shocked Americans find themselves thrown out of work, shivering in food lines like the 1930s.

The Great Recession looks like a mild downturn by comparison.

And the social turmoil sparked by the shootings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, or Jacob Blake looks small by comparison.

Now THIS is the opening China has long awaited …

Persuade the global elites to turn their backs on the falling dollar and replace it with a new currency.

That seals America’s fate as the global superpower.

And it sets the stage for China’s dream to be realized.

Is this scenario inevitable?

No. But never before in our lifetime has the potential for such an outcome been so great! And it could be …

The END of the American Empire

With America in a deep depression, with Washington paralyzed, and even the mighty dollar sinking uncontrollably …

China finally has the excuse — and the opportunity — to recover its “lost empire.”

First, it realizes its dream and takes control of Taiwan, much like it has over Hong Kong.

Then, it persuades Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam — even Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka — to submit to its economic and political hegemony.

The Chinese even push out the U.S. by establishing new alliances with South Korea and the Philippines.

Only Japan stays firmly in the American orbit. Thus …

The end-game of China’s 100-Year Marathon finally comes to fruition!

As it all plays out, it will be China persuading the governments of the world to completely — or at least partially — turn their backs on America and shift their allegiance to the Middle Kingdom.

Years from now Americans look back and think, “How did we miss this?

Things were so ‘normal’ — so routine.”

But isn’t that always the case?

Aren’t people always caught by surprise when historic crises strike?

I’ve personally seen crisis denial exact a hefty price over and over again.

In the late 1990s, almost nobody believed us when we warned that the dot-com bubble was about to burst.

In the mid-2000s, only a handful of people believed us when we repeatedly warned an epic real estate collapse was about to begin.

In 2008, very few listened when we warned that Lehman Brothers would go belly up and even the mighty Bank of America would come within an inch of oblivion.

And in 2019, our repeated warnings of the Collapse of 2020 also fell on deaf ears.

So you see, I’m under no illusions here.

I know the vast majority of Americans will fail to heed this warning, too.

But I sincerely hope — for your and your family’s sake — that you are not one of them.

Because the precautions required from ordinary citizens to weather the coming storm are NOT DIFFICULT.

A Legacy of Stunningly Accurate Forecasts...

Yes, it’s not pleasant to think about.

We all want our country to thrive, and our citizens to prosper.

But there comes a time when you must focus on yourself, and on getting your family through to the other side.

I’m here not only to help you escape the dangers ahead …

But to present you with a plan to GROW your wealth ... even as the U.S. stock market falls.

IF you act immediately on the simple recommendations I’m about to give you. But first, a proper introduction.

First, you still have a short time window to prepare before China’s plan is fully realized.

Second, there are simple things you can do that will not only protect you through each phase of this crisis…

But also give you the opportunity to build substantial wealth with investments that keep climbing even when the sky is falling.

China has been incredibly successful using its ancient “Warring States” tactics, but here in America we also have our own bag of tricks for fighting bad odds.

And because you’ve read this letter, YOU will know exactly what’s happening and why.

The only question is:

Will you take advantage of this knowledge?

When the dollar goes into a freefall and you see your life savings go up in a puff of smoke, will you kick yourself and say, “Gee, I guess Sean was right. I sure wish I’d listened to him.”

Or will you be popping the cork on a bottle of champagne and telling the skipper of your yacht to set sail for your private island in the Grenadines?

The choice is yours.

But you’ve got to make that choice today.

Because the window of opportunity is small and it will slam shut before you know it.

So what should you do?

Here’s What I’m Going to Do with My Own Investments

Let me tell you what I’m doing to grow my own portfolio and protect my family from what’s ahead.

I’ve written it all down in five critical “survival guides” I’ve prepared to help you secure a future for your posterity in a hostile world.

Survival Strategy #1

Build a Wall Around Your Wealth

Treacherous currents threaten to undermine everything you’ve worked a lifetime to build.

You don’t want to be sucked under the vortex of world events.

While the U.S. deficit balloons in size, and while the government spends more on defense, cyberdefense and Operation Warp Speed, nearly all other government spending will be slashed to the bone.

So, except for the few favored sectors, if you or anyone in your family has a government job — or ANY job for that matter — you may suffer furloughs, pay cuts, benefit cuts …

Or worse!

In this crisis, local and state governments are also about to announce major cutbacks, and many are already coming to the conclusion that they can’t count on Washington for bailouts.

You’ve probably already seen some cuts in your area.

But that’s a small sampling of what will happen if the federal government is forced to cut back.

Social Security and Medicare could be cut back.

And even if the federal government comes up with money to continue financing them, state and local governments are very likely to slash pensions and other benefits.

So you’ll need a plan for getting by on your own — without the money you might be expecting from Washington in your retirement years.

It would also be a good idea to take steps to ensure your family’s physical safety — because police, fire and emergency response times could suffer ... even in some of the nicer communities.

If you live in any large city, have a plan and a place to go if living there becomes uncomfortable.

Those are the basics.

But there’s so much more I need to tell you to help you through this emergency, and I couldn’t begin to cover it all in this exposé.

That’s why I want to get my free report — “American Armageddon” — into your hands ASAP.

In this indispensable guide, I show you what to do immediately to protect your savings, investments, real estate ... and everything else you own as things spin out of control.

I give you keys to shield your bank account ... safeguard your insurance policies and defend your 401(k) retirement account.

Not to mention a handy tool to insulate your stock portfolio, the value of your home and other real estate assets ... no matter how bad things get.

Given the medical, economic and political insecurity, the tendency is to just throw up your hands and move everything to cash.

Cash is a good asset these days, but it’s not a complete solution.

You need to actually MAKE money with investments that soar when financial disaster strikes.

I’m not just talking about things that go up IN SPITE OF a crisis.

I’m talking about specialized investments anyone can buy that are designed to go up BECAUSE of one.

You’ll also have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to “bottom fish.”

Many companies are NEVER coming back.

They dug their own graves.

But others made the right decisions.

They’re just hunkering down until the storm passes.

You’ll have the chance to buy them for peanuts.

To discover the best investments tailored to carry you through this crisis — get your free copy of this urgent dossier today.

Survival Strategy #2

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually turn the tables on the Middle Kingdom?

By investing in U.S. stocks and ETFs that are poised to skyrocket ... on China’s back?

That’s what you can do.

China isn’t going to win every battle in the coming economic war.

The U.S. can and will fight back. You and I can not only support that effort, but could also make a lot of money in the process.

It’s all in a free report I want to give you, “American Heroes: Make Money by Fighting Back.”

In this indispensable guide, I show you five key investments that stand ready to soar, including:

First American Hero: The Defense Fortress

Not long ago, many believed we were entering a new golden age.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union, historians began talking about “the end of history.”

As China ends Hong Kong’s autonomy, USS Nimitz and Ronald Reagan carriers transit the South China Sea on July 6, 2020 (US Navy photo).

International conflict would diminish as more nations embraced democracy and free markets.

But human nature being what it is, conflicts are once again erupting, escalating and spreading faster than almost anyone expected.

Especially in the South China Sea between China and its neighbors.

Right now, one particular U.S. Aerospace Company is at the forefront of America’s fight against foreign foes.

It’s ready to take on China’s rising military might.

And I name it in your free report.

Second American Hero: The Cyber Champion

It starts like any normal day.

You’re checking your bank statement online when the power goes out.

You figure everything will come back on in a few minutes.

But after about an hour you decide to call the power company, and all you hear is “Your call cannot be completed as dialed.”

You decide to give your buddy a call … same thing.

Your texts aren’t going through, either.

You find your portable radio and turn it on.

Finally you discover what’s happening: A massive cyberattack on the U.S. homeland.

According to FBI Director Christopher Wray, a cyberattack may be “the broadest, most challenging, most significant threat we face as a country."

Indeed, cyberspace is the battlefield for a new kind of war.

Because unlike atomic bombs or ICBMs, cyber weapons don’t need a campus of brilliant scientists — just a roomful of computers and a small corps of people trained to use them.

And unlike in conventional warfare, a cyberattack can be launched from anywhere in the world with no advanced warning.

But one U.S. CYBERDEFENSE company, also named in your free report, provides real-world solutions.

Its message to China’s cyberthugs: “Bring it on!”

Third American Hero: The Biotech Front

As COVID-19 continues its ugly march, the world is fighting back with a furious frenzy of research.

And because Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) are also coronaviruses…

Scientists don’t have to start from scratch.

In the biggest such effort of all time, the U.S. government is investing more than $3 billion in Operation Warp Speed (OWS), aiming to deliver 300 million doses of a safe, effective vaccine for COVID-19 by January 2021.

And in your free report…

I name a prime U.S. BIOTECH firm that’s ready to hand you handsome profits in the fight against the invisible enemy that’s already done such damage to America and her economy.

Fourth American Hero: Breaking China’s Deadly Embrace

For the first time in manufacturing history, a pandemic has deeply impacted demand, supply and labor in nearly every country of the world.

All at the same time.

Even before the pandemic struck, supply chains had mostly moved abroad, with a significant portion of imports coming from China, the “world’s factory.”

Mass migration of manufacturing to China severely eroded U.S. domestic capabilities, exposing the country to serious risk precisely in a time of national crisis.

In your free report, I name the one U.S. consumer behemoth that’s shifting operations out of China to “friendlier” shores.

Fifth American Hero: Star of the Tech Wars

The coronavirus is rocket fuel for megatrends that were already underway — working from home ... telemedicine ... cloud computing ... and the Internet of Things.

And semiconductors — LOTS of them — are powering each and every one.

Right now, the U.S. chip industry generates an astounding $164 billion in sales every year, with entire sub-industries growing to serve it.

And that number will only go up as 5G opens up a plethora of new technologies: Self-driving cars, remote robotic surgery, smart cities and factories and much more.

Plus, semiconductors ensure a country’s military remains cutting-edge.

China, meanwhile, is far and away the world’s largest purchaser of semiconductors, buying approximately $160 billion worth as far back as 2016.

Given China’s manufacturing prowess, why can’t it simply copy our products?

Because semiconductors are some of the most complex products on earth…

And the R&D needed to make advancements in chip design can take decades.

With Chinese semiconductor makers running 5 to 10 years behind, China’s telecom sector will remain hugely reliant on U.S. chips for years to come.

The U.S. SEMICONDUCTOR company I will name is already taking advantage of China’s dependency ... in a BIG WAY.

It’s a diversified and profitable business that’s endured for 90 years with a sterling record of capital allocation allowing it to weather many a storm.

And its dividend yield is golden.

It’s all there for you, in black and white, in your free report, “American Heroes: Make Money by Fighting Back.”

Survival Strategy #3

Leverage Gains from the COVID “Reset”

It started with a cough.

Then, people told themselves, “it’s just the flu.” And quickly — moving through and with crowds — the SARS-CoV2 virus spread like wildfire from China, across the world and through the United States.

The bad news is ... a second wave may be even worse.

That’s what happened with the “Spanish Flu” of 1918-1919.

There’s even more bad news: The methods used to mitigate the spread of the virus acted like a wrecking ball on the economy.

And yet, some stocks are riding megatrends that will only accelerate thanks to the pandemic.

Megatrends like grocery shopping through online apps ... online business meetings ... restaurant delivery apps ... streaming entertainment at home ... online education and more.

If you think these are all technology-based, you’re right. In a world where people are afraid to get together in person, technology is going to fill the gap.

In my new report, “7 Pandemic Stocks to Buy Now”...

I reveal seven companies that will make the most of the world’s fight against the coronavirus...

And the new opportunities to come after the virus has been licked.

Survival Strategy #4

Wild Profits in Precious Metals

Since we first began recommending them in 1999, gold bullion coins and bars have risen by 450%.

An initial investment of $10,000 would be worth $55,000 today!

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Survival Strategy #5

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