Gold Rush Week: Gold and 2020 Election Madness

If you think politics in 2019 is crazy, just wait till you see the election madness of 2020.

And if someone believes the political turmoil heading our way is NOT going to have an impact on gold markets, I think they’re ignoring history.

In nearly every country of the world and during virtually every major period of political instability, gold has moved sharply higher, and the reasons are clear:

   The local currency plunged in value, or …

   Flight capital rushed to the relative safety of gold, or …


This is not just about history. It’s happening right now in Argentina as their entire economy comes unglued.

In the United States right now, fear of the future is also a big reason gold has just surged to a six-year high against the dollar. And …

2020 is already on course to be the most divisive, virulent — and potentially violent — U.S. presidential election of modern times.

So, my big questions for you are:

How do you see 2020 politics panning out?

How do you think it will impact gold prices?

Hop over to my Gold Rush blog to post your answers.

Then, to get my answers, be sure to join me for my gala online event on Tuesday, Oct. 22 from 2:00 to 3:00 PM Eastern Time. To sign up, go here.

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