Gold Waves a Battle Flag!

If you’re watching the action in gold recently, you know it’s bullish. Should you sell this rally? I’ll give you my thoughts, as well as a way to play it.

First, let’s recap. I told you back at the beginning of the year that gold was making a bullish move. Also in January, I told you how the Fed’s shifting mood lit a fire under gold. I told you why, when gold moved higher, you want to own miners. And all that was just in January.

In February, I laid out a hard-core fundamental case why gold would fly in China’s “Year of the Pig.” And then, three weeks ago, I showed you a chart of gold with a very special pattern developing — a “bull flag.” I explained that “flags fly at half-mast,” and this gave gold tremendous short-term potential.

I’ve shown you a lot of charts in the past months, but let’s just go take an updated look at that bull flag.

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You can see how gold broke out. And sure enough, that sent miners soaring. Now, gold is consolidating again. Perhaps it’s another bull flag, but we won’t know until the pattern resolves. Here’s one more chart …

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You can see that a 12% rally in gold triggered a 28% rally in miners. Just like I predicted.

So, do you want to know what to do next? Should you buy? Should you sell?

My recommendation is to wait for a pullback, THEN buy.

The reason is that there are always pullbacks. You can see what miners did well in the last leg up. When they come down, you can then buy them for the next leg up.

And if you do research to find miners with untapped potential, well, that’s even better.

If you want specific recommendations, well, you might want to check out my Wealth Supercycle newsletter. I’ve given subscribers a quiver-full of gold and silver miner positions.

Those are doing very well. They will do even better as gold and silver go higher. And on the next pullback, you can guess what I’m going to do: Add more positions!

And if you want a taste of the kind of precious metals analysis I give my subscribers — as well as a red-hot pick — then I have a deal for you.

Today, you can pick up my brand-new gold report, absolutely FREE. To get that FREE report, click here.

Gold is already waving its battle flag. The next big bull market has already started. You should already own gold and silver miners. But if you don’t, don’t worry. You haven’t missed the boat. Hop aboard, because this going to be the ride of a lifetime.

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  1. John Stuart Butler March 4, 2019

    Hi from the UK,
    You say buy gold and gold miners.
    Politicians are hinting that it will be worth next to nothing.
    Even Porter Stansberry is saying it as well
    What do people do in this crazy world.
    Kind Regards
    John B


  2. jan February 26, 2019

    I am trying to sign my e-mail for the free gold report and the site is not responding to any typing entry. j


    • Dawn P at Weiss Ratings March 4, 2019

      Hi Jan! Look for an email from me (Dawn) with your report. Cheers!