The Great Gold Rush

Until last year, gold was mostly maligned or ignored. No more!

In recent months it has made a solid base …

Turned gradually higher …

Gained upside momentum …

Eclipsed its 2016 high, and then …

Literally exploded higher, smashing through to its highest level in six years.

Now, some pundits say the price of gold is ready to challenge its all-time high of nearly $2,000 per ounce.

Others say it could go to $5,000 per ounce.

A small minority even see it going as high as $10,000.

And, as usual, most Wall Street experts are still very skeptical.

But nearly everyone agrees that …

The gold market has spoken.
Its dull days are over.
The time to pay attention is NOW.

So, to mark the occasion, I’ve decided to do something very special, starting with this edition of Wealth Wave.

I am declaring this week to be …

Gold Rush Week

Gold Rush Week starts today, Oct. 14.

And to encourage a two-way conversation between me and you, I have created a special gold blog — dedicated exclusively to our dialog about the gold bull market and how to profit from it.

Each day, I will give you a timely news update or analysis about the gold markets. And each day, I will ask you a very timely question.

Here’s today’s question …

How high do you think gold
prices will go in the years ahead?

Please let me know what you think.

Hop onto my blog to post your answer.

Plus, feel free to explain WHY you think gold is, or will be, going up.

To go to my blog now, just click here.

All the best,


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