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At Wealth Wave, our approach to the market is to ride megatrends: Shifts in global, sustained and macro-economic forces that can reshape industries, markets, economies and whole societies.

Nothing moves in a straight line. There are ebbs and flows. So, once you have identified the big trend, you can use a pullback to take new positions. And when a megatrend begins to manifest, you can add new positions for even more firepower.

Some examples of megatrends include:

  • The global debt crisis. Around the world, debt is up 50% since the global financial crisis. The next debt crisis could shake the world’s financial system to its very foundations.
  • Currency debasement. The tendency of governments to take a “print to infinity” approach to funding.
  • The Great Green Wave of cannabis legalization. North America’s big black market for drugs is going legit, and there are profit opportunities all over the place.
  • Global population growth. The global population continues to grow, ensuing scarcity of vital resources such as food, water, and land. This will likely spark future global wars over those resources.
  • The rise of Asia’s middle class. This could encompass about one-fifth of the world.
  • Mega-Tech. This includes the rise of the robots (artificial intelligence), nanotechnology and much more. Tech is advancing so quickly that it will fundamentally change how our societies work.
  • Electric vehicles. From the miners that provide energy metals to the car companies fighting for supremacy in the world’s biggest car markets, to new tech that will lead to EVs being better and cheaper.
  • Alternative energy sources. This includes solar, hydro, wind … and even nuclear.
  • The new empire of oil. America’s re-emergence as an oil and gas superpower.
  • The aging and fattening of America. This is part of a global human longevity megatrend, and the new drugs and healthcare challenges that come with it.
  • Climate change. Changes in climate aggravate conflicts and the movements of human beings around the globe.

Some of these trends, like the coming debt tsunami, have obvious ways to invest, including gold and silver, and miners leveraged to the metals. Others, like the aging of America, may not have obvious investments. But these opportunities are just waiting for smart investors to seize them. And we’ll help you find them.

The topics we cover are built on exhaustive, independent research … historical validation of predicted cycles and megatrends … in-depth technical analysis … and boots-on-the-ground investigations.

And that’s why you’ll see us cover everything from gold miners to dividend-paying stocks to the latest solar tech … and beyond! These megatrends can be enormously profitable. You just need the steel in your spine to act decisively, act early, and ride these “profit waves” to new heights.

We will help you target the big trends … and swoop on short-term, speculative profits, too!

Sure, no one can predict the future with precision or guarantee profits. But this is your first step toward harnessing the opportunities the markets present to us. And make no mistake — there are plenty more profit opportunities in the years ahead.