Doctor Copper Wants to Give Your Portfolio a Profit Booster Shot!

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There’s another profit booster I want you to know about. And Dr. Copper is providing the prescription.

The price of copper skid lower this week, in step with the outbreak of the Coronavirus in China. But this is all perception.

How do I know this? Because previous disease outbreaks have not caused significant drops in copper demand. This current weakness is due to market sentiment. And sentiment can change with the evening news.

But why is the cause of copper’s pullback important? Because copper is a key metal. It takes the temperature of the global economy. Hence its catchy nickname: Dr. Copper.

So, while the current outbreak in China might temporarily mess with copper prices, it’s not a permanent diagnosis.

Something that actually has a much greater impact on the metal is car sales. Especially car sales in China. With the U.S.-China trade agreement, the stage is set for copper’s comeback. The longer-term trend in copper is up. Way, way up.

I’ll show you why — and how you can play it — in my video below.

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