Gold Rush Week: Shocking Events That Drive Gold Sharply Higher

This is my second edition of Gold Rush Week — my new blog and daily alerts dedicated to the new gold bull market of 2019-2021.

Yesterday, I asked readers to share their views on how high gold will go; and the quality of your responses on my blog has been nothing short of amazing.

Ole says “gold will reach $5,000 by 2023-2024, when the crisis hits everything.”

Bernard, Paul, Josef, James and many others see gold ultimately going as high as $10,000 per ounce.

Others are more guarded in their forecasts.

But nearly all make strong fundamental arguments for significantly higher gold prices — now and well into the future.

Here’s the key:

Gold has already surged to its highest level in six years. And that was WITHOUT the kind of shocking events that almost invariably drive its price skyward.

The first gold bull market of modern times began in the early 1970s, when gold prices soared 2,190% to a high near $800 per ounce.

And it was driven by some of the most shocking events of our lifetime

Nixon’s devaluation of the dollar in August of 1971 …

Easy-money policy by the Fed for years thereafter …

The greatest oil-price surge in modern times, and …

Double-digit consumer price inflation by the end of the decade.

The second gold bull market began in 1999, driving gold up by 655% to a high close to $2,000.

But this time, it was primarily driven by FEAR — not just of inflation, but also of stock market crashes, debt collapses, sovereign nation defaults and even war.

Now, my question to you is:

What shocking events (or megatrends)
will drive gold prices higher this time?

Please hop onto my blog to tell me what you think.

Then, if you want to get MY answers, be sure to join me online Tuesday, Oct. 22.

It will be a free for you to attend … and it will be a blockbuster!

For more information or to register go here now.

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