This Golden Beast is Ready to Rally

Gold got beaten like a red-headed stepchild since peaking on Feb. 20. Has the yellow metal has lost its glitter?

The market seems to think so. It’s acting like we’re never going to have inflation again. Ha!

Here is the truth …

Gold is headed substantially higher … to over $5,000 an ounce in the years ahead. I am 100% confident about this!

Gold’s oversold now, but that shouldn’t last long. In fact, it looks like it just put in a short-term bottom …

AFTER making a longer-term bottom last August.

The next rally could become a surge as shorts cover. Get ready to ride the stampede!

I’ve long recommended my readers hold a small part of their overall portfolio in physical bullion.

A simple way to do this — apart from taking physical delivery of gold bars and coins — is via the Sprott Physical Gold Trust (PHYS).

And for even more upside? GOLD STOCKS.

The VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX) is the easiest way to stake a claim.

But select miners will outperform the averages … like the one I recommended to my Wealth Supercycle subscribers in January. That’s Kirkland Lake Gold (NYSE: KL).

This company is a beast! It’s raising production … expanding reserves … lowering costs … exploring “high-potential” targets … and just raised its dividend by 33%.

And its earnings grew 95% in 2018!

They’re projected to rise 19% in 2019 and 28% in 2020. That’s IF the price of gold stays the same. I believe gold is going A LOT HIGHER.

I predict this company will produce more than 1 MILLION OUNCES per year by 2021.

And then there are the grades available in their mines: upward of 39.7 grams of gold per ton in the fourth quarter. Criminy! That’s awesome.

This stock has been coiling up for a breakout, while the rest of the sector has slumped.


All Kirkland Lake needs is a higher gold price to trigger a blast-off.

I’ve spent my career traveling far and wide, seeking gold mining stocks with huge potential.

And the best part is I get to make my subscribers LOTS of profits along the way.

Last month, for example, they banked gains of 10.6% on Royal Gold (Nasdaq: RGLD) and 25.99% on AES Corp. (NYSE: AES). This month, I recommended they bank double-digit gains on Agnico Eagle Mines (NYSE: AEM).

These are just the latest in a string of gains. With the closing of these trades, they banked nine gains in a row!

Get your $9 trial membership in Wealth Supercycle here.

All the best,

P.S. You know where else you can find explosive investing opportunities? In cannabis stocks! On my blog, Ronald wrote: “Today I’m up $4,418! … On a good day I can pull in way over $10,000!”

And Neal D., who followed my cannabis stock recommendations, contacted me separately, writing “My cannabis portfolio is up $109,000 in just four weeks.”

Whether you’ve got a stake in this fast-growing sector or not, I urge you to sign up for my Urgent Cannabis Briefing. That’s because the profits so far have been great. But the upside is BETTER. And I don’t want you to miss another potentially explosive profit opportunity.

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Comments 4

  1. Kim May 3, 2019

    Like many people, i’m expecting cannabis stocks to go crazy.
    Problem is, i’m in Australia and can’t purchase OTC or TSX stocks.
    How annoying is that!


  2. Truus April 30, 2019

    Dear Sean,
    I just had an email from you in supercycle investor to sell Ashanti.
    In the next email, But not in the recommendations supercycle investor, you let us know that gold is going to be a real winner.
    Please, I have always felt you are my guru when it comes to investing recommendations, but now I am getting wary with these contradictions.
    Can you let me know what is going on?
    I understand that you want people to be a subscriber to whatever other name that you give your “ subscriber “ to but I truly thought that you are genuine.
    Please tell me that you are!!!!!


    • Sohail April 30, 2019

      Sean You seem like a genuine guy with Good knowledge of the industry and cycles.
      The Problem is that so many gold gurus like Jim Sinclair , the late Larry Edelson
      And Jim Rickards have been predicting 5000 Dollars an ounce for many years.
      They have also tipped stocks like Yamana and new Gold where the share price
      Has absolutely tanked .So People are wary


      • Dave S. May 11, 2019

        Sohail, we should, in my opinion, indeed be wary about the tired old gold-bug mantra of 5000-dollar gold, which, iirc, the late Larry E. predicted would happen well before now. But as always, 5000-dollar gold is nowhere to be seen and nowhere on the horizon. Even 1400-dollar gold has been tough to reach.